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Pre-Bridal Make-up:

We want you to look your best for your big day! To make sure your special look is perfect, it’s best to schedule your pre-bridal make-up appointment with your pre-bridal hair appointment so your total look is everything you want it to be. At this appointment, also schedule a consultation with the aesthetician for an eyebrow design.


Pre-Bridal Hair Design:

These experimental sessions are often the best ways to make the bride feel completely comfortable with her wedding style. At your appointment, bring your veil or headpiece, a photo of your dress, as well as any hair accessories or significant jewelry. Feel free to bring along a friend or family member as a second opinion!


Bridal Make-up:

When the big day finally arrives, come without make-up, but be sure to follow the recommendations given to during your pre-bridal appointment. From there, our make-up artist will get you looking your best for your walk down the aisle.


Bridal Updo:

On your special day, please arrive fifteen minutes prior to your appointment. Be sure to bring your bridal headpiece and wear a button down shirt, with your hair washed and completely dried before arriving for easier styling.


Special Style:

When you’re looking for more than a blow-dry, but not quite an updo –

we offer some stylish alternatives, even if it’s some extra curls for a little extra style.



Starting Prices:

Bride Hair: $85.00+

Bride Makeup: $55.00+ 

Bridesmaid's Hair: $75.00+
Bridesmaid's Makeup: $50.00+

Flower Girl Style (under 12 years old): $30.00+
Mother of the Bride/Groom (Upstyle): $75.00+

Mother of the Bride/Groom (Short Hair - Includes wash, dry, style): $35.00+

*Prices may vary on amount of hair and if bride or party member brings clip-in extensions*

*Prices may vary depending on if false lashes are applied*

Deposit is Required for Bridal Party

$25.00 a Person 

Cash or Card is Accepted

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