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Bye-Bye Brass

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Attention, Brassy Babes!

Does your hair develop unwanted, dull, brassy, orange tones over time? Your lightened locks should be fresh and sassy - Never brassy!

How to Eliminate Those Unwanted Brassy Tones

Matrix has dropped two amazing product lines, known as Total Results Brass Off and So Silver. These professional salon clarifying shampoo and conditioner products help neutralize brassy tones, illuminate hair color, and refresh your hair with cool tones.

Brass Off

Total Results Brass Off product line freshens up the brassy tones of both natural and color-treated hair. Brass Off works best on light brown and "dirty blonde" hair. The blue-violet pigments of this color depositing-shampoo and conditioner neutralizes and reduces brassy tones, leaving you with a brighter and more complimenting glow.


So Silver

Total Results So Silver is a professional clarifying shampoo and conditioner that cleanses and neutralizes unwanted brassy warmth, along with eliminating dull, yellow tones. So Silver illuminates highlights on blondes and enhances that shimmering brightness for both color treated and natural hair. Total Results So Silver is highly effective on hair shades ranging from blonde, platinum, and grey.

How to Use Matrix's Brass-Off or So-Silver

After a Brass Off or So Silver shower, you will most likely experience people asking you if you just got your hair done - That is how effective these products are!

Quick Snips II stylist's recommend using your Brass Off or So Silver shampoo and conditioner products only once or twice a week, in most cases. If Brass Off or So Silver products are used too often, your hair will begin to pull too much of those blue/purple tones, which is not the desired goal for you, or the product!

Quick Snips II stylists DO recommend leaving your shampoo in for about 2-3 minutes before washing it out to receive the best visible results.

QuickSnips Clients After Using Brass Off/So Silver

Stop in Quick Snips II Salon and Spa to purchase your Matrix Total Care Brass Off or So Silver products while we are fully-stocked!

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